CSI - Duluth June 1, 2007

Meeting Summary

Members Present: Andy Selvo, Larry Penk, Darcy Miner, Pat Halverson, Shane Roche, Cindy Green, Barb Olson, Debee Stassen

CSI welcomed the newest member Debee Stassen DON Pine Medical Health Center.

Open Positions:
Virda Hall-Ombudsman-resigned
CNA-Jeri will talk with View crest and make contact with Jody Johnson

About CSI/Updates:

Andy- Facility will be showing the DVD in June. Family council is starting to meet.

Darcy- Top deficiencies written by the Duluth District Office in the last survey cycle were F272 and F274 (Comprehensive Assessment); F279 (Comprehensive Care Plan); F314 (Pressure ulcers); and F315 (Urinary Incontinence).

Darcy- Questioned if Dan Billings (Former Duluth Surveyor) would come to a CSI meeting to talk about how it looks from the other side.

Darcy- QIS will likely start after the 1st of the year.

Larry- Appreciates the training provided by MDH. Improved communication has improved survey results. Most facilities want to do things right- it would be better to work together. The survey is not a true picture of a facility but rather a snap shot.

Shane- Will contact Dan Billings to see if he would be interested in attending a CSI meeting.

Barb-Facility is focusing on patient centered care.

Nancy- Facility had been surveyed since the last CSI meeting. Felt the communication between nurse managers and survey team was relaxed. Facility will have a 25 bed secure unit opening sometime in June.

Debee- Knew the purpose of CSI was to improve communication.


Larry: Will check with Don Fina and Cisco about providing snacks for the training in September.

Barb: Will talk with Jan Gerard about CEUís
Training Announcement/Registration was approved and with a few minor changes will be sent out the week of 6/11/07. Jan Gerard brochure will be sent with the email. It was decided the announcement would be sent out twice in June and once in July and August.


F 329 News letter was approved and with a few minor changes will be sent out the week of 6/11/07.

Changing the format of the news letter to a desk top publishing style was discussed. It was decided to send the June news letter out as is.

Pat- Suggested the topic of preparing for a follow-up visit (Post Certification Revisit) (PCR) after a survey for the next news letter.

Pat/Jeri- Will develop a draft and email to Shane in July. If the draft is approved it will be emailed out in July. August- F334 Pneumococcal/ Influenza information.

Next Meeting: August 3, 2007


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