CSI - Duluth June 20, 2006

Meeting Summary

Members present:  Christine Campbell (co-chair), Brian Carlson (co-chair), Darcy Miner, Stephanie Jost, Cindy Green, Jeri Cummins, Barb Olson, Larry Penk, Andy Selvo, Gayle Wallin, Shane Roche, Diane Strongitharm, Jodi Johnson, Nikki Boder, Diane Pearson.  Brenda Lally, administrative support.

Members absent:  Marilyn Abrahamson, Heidi Brown

Welcome, Introductions and Updates

The members introduced themselves and answered the question, “Since our last CSI-Duluth meeting in April, what questions or comments have people expressed to you about this group’s work, as well as the CSI-Duluth sponsored Regional Training Sessions held in May 2006?” 

Members have had many positive comments regarding the regional training sessions, including the most mentioned outcome being a better relationship between survey team and facility staff. 

Chris Campbell announced that she will be leaving MDH in July, and provided an update of her future plans.  Committee members expressed gratitude for her extraordinary leadership for this committee, sorrow about the loss of her significant contributions toward the success of this committee, and sincere wishes for her latest endeavor. 

There was extensive discussion with regard to committee member’s concerns about consistency issues in our region and in other regions across the state.  Members discussed the process of when inconsistencies are identified, and the procedure which teams are advised to use.  Teams across the state are given guidance to proceed as they investigate and make determinations consistently.

Darcy provided updated information regarding the possibility of use of a pilot computer program which would direct and guide survey teams, and would then allow them to be able to spend more time in a facility that is dealing with more issues

Darcy informed members that there is currently a researcher working with MDH to understand the numbers as he is looking at national data. 

Darcy provided some information about CMS data.

Communication and Education Discussion

Members reviewed the evaluation summaries of the Complete Assessment Regional Training held in Proctor on 05/16/06 and Hibbing on 05/17/06. 

There was lengthy discussion about comments and feedback from the evaluation forms. Many participants completed evaluation forms at each training, resulting with valuable comments.  Committee member’s discussed their observations regarding various details about the process of the training sessions, and concluded that some details should be changed for future training sessions.  As this training was being developed, it was a CSI-Duluth committee decision that this training was going to be conducted only within our region.  It was also now decided that these Regional Training evaluation summaries will not be posted on the website, but will be strictly for use by this committee.  It will be used for future reference for our next educational in service. 

Darcy will draft a cover letter, restating our mission and our goals, which will accompany the bibliography and the assessments for facilities to use as reference from the "Complete Assessment" Regional Training held in May.  Cindy, Nikki, Diane S., and Heidi will bring additional assessments for review.  Jeri and Gayle will speak with facilities that had great assessments for permission for use of some of their assessment tools.  Development of the reference guide will be discussed extensively and developed at the July CSI-Duluth meeting.  Nikki will send an email to the director of nursing of each SNF-NF facility in the region, to let them know that this reference guide is being developed by this committee, and is taking a little longer than expected.

The committee reviewed the completed evaluation forms that had been sent to the administrator and director of nursing of each SNF-NF facility in the region, with regard to the usefulness of the Regional Training sessions that were held in November 2005.  Comments were positive with regard to the effectiveness of the training, and this feedback will help to guide the committee in planning future activities and training sessions. 

Based on these evaluations, the question was raised, “Have these trainings made a difference?”   Members concluded that, as this committee continues to move forward, it is worth everyone’s time and effort when it is apparent that the care for residents has improved.  It is a worthwhile investment to continue with training, particularly when there is positive feedback.  Members commented that this was free training for facility staff, and staff were given CEU’s for this training.   It continues to be observed that emphasis needs to be placed on the fact that these trainings are provided by CSI-Duluth, and not MDH driven.

Transition Planning/Committee Representation

With the announcement that the co-chair position on this committee is now vacant, Chris recommended that this committee continue to have two members to facilitate the monthly CSI-Duluth meetings.  It is a very important piece to ensure the progress of this committee as it continues to move forward.  The position does require a very  active level of commitment and contribution.  Shane offered to co-chair, and was nominated and accepted to fill the post. 

Next Steps/Plan Agenda

Suggestions of topics for the July agenda were made. The focus of the meeting will be discussion about the assessments to be developed as a result of the May 2006 regional training, and all aspects and plans for use of that information.

The next CSI-Duluth meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 18th, from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

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