CSI - Duluth August 3, 2007

Meeting Summary

Members Present:Brian Carlson, Andy Selvo, Debbee Stassen, Darcy Miner, Larry Penk, Jeri Cummins, Geoffrey Ryan, Nancy Christensen, Esther Gieshen, Pat Halverson

Approved minutes of last meeting 6/1/07.
Possible future newsletter topics:
F334, Influenza/Pneumococcal Vaccination
Disaster preparedness

About CSI:

Larry: PCR Preparation Newsletter was mailed to providers.
No word from Dan Billings about his availability/willingness to talk with CSI.

Darcy: Discussion regarding possible training for SNF providers regarding root cause analysis of problems. Consider phone conversation with MDH educator (Diane Rydrych) at future meeting.

Reviewed the role of county common entry points (CEP)s and reports to OHFC, possible training for CEPs in the future.

Emergency preparedness planning in SNF providers, will connect with planner for future discussion of provider training.

Facilities note a significant lack of professionals to perform resident behavior analysis in facilities. Darcy will bring it up to provider associations and investigate potential resources through DHS.

Nancy: Construction started for secure behavioral unit at Evergreen Terrace. Case Mix Review addressed RN evaluation of restorative nursing program.

Debbee: Recent survey went well, not punitive, positive interactions with staff, surveyors were sensitive to staff feeling stressed.

Brian: Working on CEUs for administrators attending the September training. Hospitals have been looking at Root Cause Analysis of adverse events.

Geoff: Will prepare newsletter article about disaster preparedness for SNF.

Jeri: Continuing attempts to add an NA/R to the CSI group

Pat: Contact Barb to get the final schedule and CEU for regional training.

Brenda: make copies, get name tags, folders, index cards for questions, prepare evaluations.

CSI Meeting Agenda September 7, 2007

  1. Possible Diane Rydrych phone conversation regarding use of Root Cause Analysis

  2. Final review of September training;
    CEUs and certificates

  3. Assemble packets for regional training.

  4. Review registration and share phone contacts for follow up to facilities not signed up.

  5. Discuss combination F323/324


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