CSI - Duluth August 15, 2006

Meeting Summary

Members present: Shane Roche (co-chair), Darcy Miner, Stephanie Jost, Cindy Green, Jeri Cummins, Barb Olson, Larry Penk, Andy Selvo, Gayle Wallin, Nikki Boder, Heidi Brown. Brenda Lally, administrative support.

Members absent: Brian Carlson (co-chair), Virda Hall, Marilyn Abrahamson, Diane Strongitharm, Jodi Johnson, Diane Pearson.

Welcome, Introductions and Updates

The members introduced themselves and answered the question, “Since our last CSI-Duluth meeting in June, what questions or comments have people expressed to you about this group’s work?”

There was lengthy discussion about recent articles published in newspapers (Star Tribune) and publications (Consumer Reports), and the impact that those articles have had on a local, statewide, and nationwide level. A CSI-Duluth member reported that he had been contacted by the Duluth News Tribune, voicemail message, for an interview. The committee should all agree on what should be said. It was determined that the chair people of this committee would be the appropriate ones for the media to contact. There was discussion about the likelihood of members being contacted by the media for comments regarding the objectives and accomplishments of CSI-Duluth.

Darcy indicated that she had been contacted by a reporter for the Duluth News Tribune. He had legitimate questions which were addressed. He was also informed of the CSI-Duluth website, where all information about the CSI-Duluth committee is posted.

The “Average Deficiencies per Health Team Survey” data, from the MDH Paradise System-Minnesota Survey Districts, was given to members to review. This prompted lengthy discussion by members.

There was updated information about where the process stands with regard to a new Unit Supervisor in the MDH Duluth District Office.

Communication and Education Discussion

Nikki provided an update regarding the progress of development of a CSI-Duluth website, not linked to MDH. SISUNET, a cooperative among several area hospitals, has agreed to host the website. It needs to be determined who will be responsible for the design and upkeep of the website. Nikki relayed a message from Diane Pearson, who had contacted a couple of schools to see if it could be a project for the computer classes. Diane was informed by one person that they don’t think student work would meet with our approval since students are interested in website styles that might not work for our purposes. She is now trying to find a source for grant funding. If anyone on this committee has ideas, she would be glad to follow up. Nikki indicated that IT staff at Mercy would be willing to do a rough site, which will depend on what this committee would like. There would again be the issue of who is responsible for upkeep and determining what goes on the site. This will be discussed further.

Members held a discussion regarding the development of assessment tools for facilities to use as reference materials, which resulted from the "Complete Assessment" Regional Training held in May 2006. Gayle, Nikki, and Jeri will develop a draft of an assessment tool as well as drafts of simulated complete assessments for facilities to use, and bring the finished product to the next CSI-Duluth meeting for the group to review. It continues to be observed that emphasis needs to be placed on the fact that these trainings and subsequent information are provided by CSI-Duluth, and not MDH endorsed.

There was open discussion about conducting further training sessions, as well as potential topics for those sessions. Upon review of the evaluations of the trainings held in November 2005 and May 2006, it was determined that the positive feedback received by those attending would constitute this committee to coordinate training in 2007.

Jeri brought forth an outdated brochure regarding the survey process. The Improved Communication subcommittee felt that this may be something that can be recreated for use in as a handout for facilities, i.e., front line staff, families, etc., to use during the survey process. It has information about what the survey process is, what surveyors do, what the facility is responsible for, what to expect, etc. Extra copies of this brochure were made available for committee members to view. It was determined that this would be a good project for this subcommittee to develop. CSI-Duluth members will review this brochure, and bring ideas to the Communication subcommittee.

There has been feedback that the CSI-Duluth committee has played an important role in the survey process, with the current focus of this committee being on education and improved communication for everyone involved in the survey process.

Next Steps/Plan Agenda

Suggestions of topics for the September agenda were made. The focus of the meeting will be Education and Improved Communication small group work, as well as the assessment information and all aspects and plans for use of that information.

The next CSI-Duluth meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 19th, from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


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