CSI Duluth August 16, 2005 Meeting Minutes

Members present: Brenda Marshall, Brian Carlson (co-facilitator), Cindy Green, Chris Campbell (co-facilitator), Darcy Miner, Diane Strongitharm, Gayle Wallin, Jeri Cummins, Larry Penk, Michelle Fisk, Stephanie Williams, Virda Hall. Brenda Lally, administrative support.

Welcome, Introductions and Updates

The members introduced themselves and answered the question, “What questions or comments have people expressed to you in the past month about this group’s work?”

There was discussion about what would be the best procedure in which to share the DON Observational Survey Experience Communication Points, and details about the forthcoming Education Sessions which will be held in November in Duluth and Eveleth.

It was decided by the committee that there would not be a CSI-Duluth meeting in November, due to the holiday and many upcoming training meetings scheduled.

Chris Campbell informed the committee that the sign created by this committee to be posted in a facility during survey is now being used on upcoming surveys on a statewide basis. These signs will remain posted in the facility from the time the surveyors enter until exit.

DON Survey Experience Report

Communication Points from the third DON Observational Survey Experience were shared with committee members.

Cindy and Jeri were pleased with this third of four survey experiences. There was no hesitation from the facility to allow Cindy to enter on survey. Professionalism and confidentiality were very good. Cindy found it interesting to observe the lengthy tag review process, as the survey team consistently discussed each individual tag with great detail. If there is a complaint or concern about any of the surveyors, it is taken very seriously and would prompt an investigation. When the DON is on survey, they are constantly with a MDH surveyor, and are with the survey team as only an observer of the process.

Brenda Marshall provided an update on her personal survey experience. In the Duluth area, providers ultimately continue to be worried and concerned about the inconsistency issue. Improved communication is one of the steps that this committee can take to ease those concerns. It was important to have certain systems in place to keep the survey less chaotic. There was less anxiety because fear of the unknown was not present, because time had been taken to prepare staff in the facility. Managers talked about areas of concern, and spent time focusing on informing staff about the progress of each day in the survey process. There was professionalism within the survey team and facility staff. The survey team did observe that, even though there were deficiencies, it was very helpful to not have tension within facility staff. Facility staff was informed about possible questions that would be asked by the survey team, which made it easier for the survey team to ask questions. Open communication was a huge piece of the information exchange between everyone involved. It proved to be a good example of why CSI-Duluth is taking this very important step to improve communication and education for everyone involved in the survey process. There was time and money involved for each of the DON’s to be out on survey, and is certainly not fathomable for everyone to able to benefit firsthand. Even though everyone is not able to have this experience, everyone can learn from the four DON Observational Survey Experience processes. We will at least have a starting point, by sharing practices.

There was dialogue from committee members about her findings. There was also discussion as to how this committee going to be most effective in communicating this information with the rest of the district. It was determined that it will be very important to communicate this valuable information at the education meetings, from the DON perspective. Better education will ensure that the care in our region is considered to be the best. It is beneficial from an educational standpoint to understand what are the problems in our region, educate all stakeholders, and practically apply that information to everyday practice.

Upcoming Organizational Meetings

  • The MNDONA Fall Retreat will be held on October 12, 13, and 14.
  • Ombudsman Meeting is anticipated to be October 20.
  • The Minnesota Department of Health Staff Meeting will be held on October 26-27.
  • The joint district Education Sessions will be held on November 1 and 2.
  • The Care Providers Convention will be held on November 14-16.

Communication and Education Committees

The Improved Communication and Education Subcommittees worked in the small groups, to continue progress of each group.

Reports were presented from each of these committees. See attached reports from the subcommittees.

Plan Agenda/Communication Points

There was discussion in regard to the best way in which to share information about the progress of this group. It was determined that this committee would no longer develop CSI-Duluth Communication Points, but would now post CSI-Duluth meeting minutes, Improved Communication and Education Committee information, and DON Observational Survey Experience Communication Points from this meeting forward as links from the Long Term Care Issues Ad Hoc Committee Web site. It would also include CSI-Duluth background information and charge statement. Chris Campbell will work with the two provider organizations to place an informational article in the weekly mailing related to the group with a link to the web site. Brenda Marshall will assist in developing this article.

The committee members discussed topics to create an agenda for the September CSI-Duluth meeting. It was decided that the same agenda from today’s meeting would be used at next months meeting.

Topics included:

  • Education committee update on Education training and sessions for November
  • Communication and Education Small Group Work
  • Statewide Communication Points
  • DON Survey Evaluation

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 20, 2005 in Room 608 of the Government Services Center from 1000 to 1400.

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