CSI - Duluth September 2007

Meeting Summary

Members Present:Andy Selvo, Larry Penk, Cindy Green, Geoff Ryan, Barb Olson, Darcy Miner, Pat Halverson, Nancy Christensen

  1. Reviewed and finalized documents and plans for training September 26&27, 2007.

  2. Larry asked about an article for the Senior Reporter, Darcy will draft something.

  3. Geoff has prepared “Disaster Planning Information” to be sent out as CSI communication topic for facilities.

  4. Darcy is contacting DHS in regard to discussion with/about Common Entry Points for reporting potential abuse/neglect.

  5. The committee assembled the packets for September training.

  6. Reviewed list of facilities signed up for training, divided phone contact assignments to ensure all facilities in the district are aware of the training opportunity.

  7. Discussed upcoming training in regard to combined F323/324. All training for both surveyors and providers scheduled on Monday 9/17/07.

  8. Phone conversation with Diane Rydrych. She works with hospitals and surgical centers to improve their adverse event reporting systems. Along with Stratis and the health care associations she provides training in Root Cause Analysis as astrategy to prevent/reduce incidents. She is interested in discussions to determine if the structural model developed for hospitals/surgical centers could be useful in other settings like long term care facilities. She needs a group to determine what issues are different, what would training look like and what context could be used to deliver the training. The group determined that CSI is an appropriate group to study the possibilities and work with the training if it’s determined to be an effective model for long term care facilities. Diane agreed to send study materials in advance the discussions will begin at the CSI meeting on 1/4/08.

  9. October meeting agenda: Date 10/4/07. Debriefing September training. Evaluations will be reviewed and recommendations for topics/improvements discussed.

  10. No meeting in December 2007.

  11. Resume usual meeting schedule January 4, 2008.


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