CSI - Duluth September 12, 2008

Meeting Summary

Members Present: Geoff Ryan, Larry Penk, Cindy Green, Nancy Christensen, Jeri Cummins, Pat Halverson: Diane Rydrich via phone; Darcy Miner via phone.

Diane reports the proposal for Root Cause Analysis education has been submitted and approved for CMP funding so our project is a go.

The first session will be presented on October 28 and 29, 2008, Black Bear Cassino on the 28th and the Sawmill in Grand Rapids on the 29th. The second session will be December 11 and 12, 2008, place to be determined on the 11th and Black Bear on the 12th. The ideal would be for people to attend both sessions. The first session focused on what is Root Cause Analysis and the second session focused on how to do Root Cause Analysis.

STRATIS has funds for all copying/travel and presentations.
Diane has funding for continental breakfast.
CSI will handle registration and arranging locations. The registration information is ready to be sent to all providers in the district.
Equipment required: Podium, wireless mikes, screen, lite pro and laptop computer.

Plan for approximately 100 people at each session.

  • Address barriers/concerns such as:
  • Time pressure
  • Fear of mandate to use Root Cause Analysis
  • Whos at fault for the problem?

Positive suggestions:

  • The process is entirely voluntary
  • Its within your control
  • Could be used to manage a plan of correction and potentially prevent further deficiencies.
  • The information can be used for routine problems, does not need to be complex.


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