CSI - Duluth October 17, 2006

Meeting Summary

Members present: Shane Roche (co-chair), Brian Carlson (co-chair), Andy Selvo, Cindy Green, Carol Moen, Jeri Cummins, Larry Penk, Nikki Boder, Diane Pearson, Diane Strongitharm. Brenda Lally, administrative support.

Members absent: Marilyn Abrahamson, Stephanie Jost, Heidi Brown, Jodi Johnson, Gayle Wallin, Barb Olson.

Welcome, Introductions and Updates

The members introduced themselves and answered the question, “Since our last CSI-Duluth meeting in August, what questions or comments have people expressed to you about CSI-Duluth?”

There was discussion regarding the Survey Communications video which will be available in December. The video is appropriate and will be helpful for viewing by family council. It is currently being closed captioned, and copies will then be produced and mailed to every facility. An email will be sent to facilities, advising of the forthcoming video as well as the complete assessment guide.

Darcy provided members with an update regarding what may establish another CSI group in the state, ideally developed by a group of individuals who would be willing to make the time commitment as this group has done.

Darcy informed members about the Culture Change meeting held last week, which was a joint project out of the Culture Change Coalition. The main message of those meetings was the importance of education and improved communication, which is the focus of ongoing discussion with CSI-Duluth.

Members reviewed the “Average Deficiencies per Health Team Survey” report, for the survey cycle of October 1, 2005 through September 30, 2006 (data from MDH Paradise System).

Communication and Education Discussion

Nikki provided an update regarding the progress of the development of a CSI-Duluth website. Diane Pearson is currently looking for grants for this project. There was discussion about the possibilities for types of costs, and also potential benefits of this project. Nikki and Diane will continue to pursue information about the possibilities for this website.

The development of assessment tools and guide for facilities to use as reference materials continues to be in progress.Jeri, Gayle, and Nikki will continue to work with this project.

There was discussion regarding future regional training and the basic mission of this group. Members continue to state that emphasis needs to be placed on the fact that these trainings are provided by CSI-Duluth, and not MDH driven.

An incredible amount of time and effort was contributed by everyone on this committee in preparation for the regional trainings conducted in November 2005 and May 2006, with great success of all of the sessions. Members mutually agreed that it was a tremendous undertaking for all members from the very beginning. This discussion prompted members to consider finding outside sources and resources, ranging from volunteer to professional, to support this group’s plans for continued education. Barb has contacted a number of various professionals who may be interested in presenting information on the next topic for educational training, as well as funding that may be available from sources for the potential costs involved. Jeri will contact Barb to offer her assistance, as well as contact some facilities to find what type of training they would like to have presented. Shane, Brian and Larry will work on cost analysis and vendors for the training. Darcy and Diane Pearson will check on possibilities for grants.

It had been discussed at the September meeting that this training would take place in January or February of 2007, but after an update of dates of various events and trainings already scheduled, members decided that the training date should be moved to March 2007. Length of time for the training session and options for the location of the training were suggested. Shane, Jodi and Jeri will search for prospective sites.

Transition Planning/Committee Representation

Guidelines for succession planning were discussed, including term length, equal representation, and natural attrition, to insure that the committee retains continuity. There will be a need to select new candidates. Consideration needs to be given to current members who are motivated, positive, and would like to remain on this committee on a long-term basis. Current members having poor attendance of meetings will need to be addressed. When considering these ground rules, it is important to keep in mind that one of the strengths of this committee is that it is a voluntary committee. Guidelines were discussed to address these items consistently.

January 2007 will be the start of the third term of this committee. Each member was given the opportunity to state whether they would chose to transition at the end of this two year term, or continue into the third term. A method of tracking this process needs to be developed.

There was discussion about sending a letter of interest to facilities in the region, regarding participation on this committee.

There were comments about the location of the monthly CSI-Duluth meetings. Parking has been an issue, particularly for this October meeting.

Next Steps/Plan Agenda

Topics for the December agenda were made. The agenda will include the planning and cost assessment of the next regional training, as well as review of what has been accomplished by this committee since January 2006.

The next CSI-Duluth meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 5th, from 10:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. The meeting location is yet to be determined, but members will be informed when that information becomes available.


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