CSI Duluth October 18, 2005 Meeting Minutes

Members present: Chris Campbell (co-facilitator), Brian Carlson (co-facilitator), Michelle Fisk, Cindy Green, Larry Penk, Nikki Boder, Gayle Wallin, Darcy Miner, Diane Strongitharm, Jeri Cummins, Brenda Marshall, Stephanie Williams, David Giese, Diane Pearson, Marilyn Abrahamson. Brenda Lally, administrative support.

Members absent: Deb Doughty, Kristen Larsen, Virda Hall.

Welcome, Introductions and Updates

The members introduced themselves and answered the question, “What questions or comments have people expressed to you in the past month about this group’s work?”

CMS has been invited to attend the CSI-Duluth monthly meetings as well as the Regional Training Sessions on November 1 in Duluth and on November 2 in Eveleth. CMS has indicated that they would prefer to attend via videoconference, should they choose to attend.

DON Survey Experience Report

There was discussion about the DON Survey Experience presentation at the MNDONA Fall Conference. An evaluation document had been compiled from the conference and was distributed among committee members for review. Members who presented this information at the conference shared their thoughts.

Regional Training Session

Committee members reviewed the draft agenda of the Regional Training Session. The presentation will last four hours. It was agreed upon that it would be very important for all members of CSI-Duluth to be present and to have a part in this presentation to connect with the audience to show the value of this group and the process thus far.

There was discussion by committee members with regard to the shared practices statement. We will encourage those who attend the Regional Training Sessions that this will be a good resource for this region’s facilities to share ideas and information. It is not the intent for MDH to take responsibility for sharing these practices. It is a recommendation and an endorsement from CSI-Duluth committee members. The committee will revisit the possibility of developing a shared practices brochure to present to regional facilities.

Committee members agreed that there has been a tremendous commitment of time from everyone involved. Succession planning will be a topic presented at the Regional Training Sessions, to inform those who would like to become involved in this group, that they would need to be willing to commit to the role of the group and the role of improving survey communication.

There was discussion about the registration process for the Regional Training Sessions thus far. Facilities are being encouraged to register staff from all aspects within the facility. There will be space for 125 people at each location. The deadline for facilities to register is October 25th. If there is room still available, facilities will be contacted via email to let them know.

The importance of providing order forms for the State Operations Manual (SOM) at both training sessions was discussed. It was decided that Care Providers and MHHA would be contacted with this request. Facilities will be encouraged to bring the SOM to the regional training, so staff can follow along with the presentation.

Packets of information to be given to participants will include the power point presentation handout, shared practices statement, survey myths document, evaluation form, and resource guide. There will be an open question and answer segment following the presentation.

Following the presentation, facilities will encouraged to informally mingle and enjoy hors d'oeuvres, courtesy of Don Fena, a district sales manager from TENA.

Group Future/Succession Planning

There was discussion about current committee makeup and the level of commitment as a member. This group does have two new family representatives. One member was able to attend part of the meeting and was welcomed by the group. Members were encouraged to mention any changes in current status at this time. There was a member who wished to transition at this time. Considering that participation of members has been variable, the committee has decided discuss the frequency of meetings and levels of participation of members at the CSI-Duluth meeting in January.

Guidelines for succession planning were discussed, including term length, co-chairs, equal representation, and natural attrition, to insure that the committee retains continuity. Even though there will be a need to select new candidates, consideration needs to also be given to current members who are motivated, positive, and would like to remain on this committee on a long- term basis. Background about how development of current membership participation was given. These items will be part of the January agenda.

Meeting dates for the 2006 year will be scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month, and committee members will be informed of those dates.

Next steps/Plan Agenda

The next CSI-Duluth meeting will be on November 29th. The meeting time and location is yet to be determined, but members will be informed when that information becomes available. It will be open forum related with review of training session evaluations, and to also include a review of what has been accomplished by this committee since the first meeting in January 2005.

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