CSI - Duluth November 7, 2008 (Phone Conference)

Meeting Summary

Members Present: Larry Penk, Barb Olson, Cindy Green, Nancy Christensen; Diane Rydrych, Jeri Cummins, Pat Halverson.

Discussion of Root Cause Analysis part 1 held on October 28 and 29, 2008. The training went very well. There were positive evaluations for both days. We believe the attendees got the key message. The second day attendees were more vocal and lively; there was better discussion about the barriers to using RCA for everyday incidents. Attendees liked the examples of positive change in a facility as a result of using RCA as a tool for investigations.

Negative comments on the evaluations:
Some didn’t like the round tables because they needed to turn to face the speakers.
We need more frequent breaks

Take home message:
The process takes time
Session #1 – Why to do RCA
Session #2 – How to do RCA

Planning for Session #2 scheduled for Coates in Virginia on 12/11/08 and for Black Bear in Carlton on 12/12/08.

  • Have handouts from 1st session available for people who did not attend the first session.
  • Stratis in charge of the actual presentation.
  • MDH will do evaluations; sign ins, location, food.

Because this is a Pilot Project we need to think about how to make it available and how to support it over time. MDH owns the product and it can be made available on the web. Possibly use a list-serve and possibly a conference call following the presentation to support over time. We could do newsletters. We’ll add a space for email addresses on the evaluations to get an email list to use for follow-up communication.

Planning for 2009: Face to face meeting on January 9 at 10:00 AM. Please let Brenda know if you can not attend. We need to know who is interested in staying on the committee. Need a discussion about the ongoing role/goals of the committee. Also need to determine available resources to support the committee into another year.


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