CSI - Duluth December 5, 2008

Meeting Summary

Attending phone conference meeting: Nancy Christensen, Jeri Cummins, Cindy Green, Larry Penk, Barb Olson, Geoff Ryan, Diane Rydrych, Pat Halverson.

Preparing for Root Cause Analysis Training: December 11 and 12, 2008.

Arrangements have been made for meeting space, equipment and food at Coates Plaza Hotel in Virginia on 12/11/08 and at Black Bear Convention Center at Carlton on 12/12/08.

Discussed how to follow-up with participants to answer questions and provide support. Will include a question about what kind of follow up would be beneficial or preferred. Also ask for email addresses to develop a data base for follow-up.

At the end of the day the participants will have heard the information. What wed like to know from them is what do they need to go forward to implement Root Cause Analysis.


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