Communications for Survey Improvement – Duluth
Recommendations for the Statewide Stakeholders Group

July 25, 2005

    • Overall, we would recommend this project be extended into other regions.
    • This committee has been very beneficial for our region. It is the “right fit”.
    • It has been important in the beginning to have a facilitator to help “boil down” specific concerns for the region to work on.
    • It would be helpful to have a commitment to having a facilitator at the first few meetings in any other region.
    • It was important to have members of the statewide stakeholder’s group co-chair the regional stakeholder’s group. It would be important to have a member of the statewide stakeholder’s group co-chair the group in the next region.
    • The membership of the regional stakeholder’s group were representative of the statewide stakeholder’s group. Groups in other regions could consider that same type of representation. It was a big undertaking and required a large amount of time and support.
    • It was important for the members of the regional stakeholders group to be committed to the group charge rather than having a personal agenda.
    • It was important to have support from MDH survey staff and support staff in the region it was developed.
    • It was critical for the success of this committee to have had the commitment and dedication of the district supervisor.
    • It was beneficial for this committee to have the updates and support that David Giese and Darcy Miner provided.
    • Communication points from the DON Observational Experience Surveys should be shared.
    • Review the communications between CMS and MDH related to the DON Observational Survey Process.
    • The intents of the Improved Communication and Education Committees should be shared.
    • The Communication Subcommittee developed a “SURVEYORS ARE HERE” sign, which was approved by the CSI-Duluth Committee, and will be posted in facilities.


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