CSI Duluth DON Observational Survey Experience Communication Points

July 19, 2005

  • Issues at a facility are identified through the survey process, regardless of who is on the survey. Issues are brought to the team and the team makes the determination if a deficiency should be issued.
  • It continues to be crucial to identify and develop improved communication and education issues. Through this process, we have identified areas in which all stakeholders could benefit.
  • The need for best practices continues to be recognized for all stakeholders. A mechanism needs to be identified and developed to share those best practices.
  • We need to finish this process in order to have a broad base of information to share without the ability to identify a specific facility. Information presented needs to be general in nature and not facility specific.
  • CMS is currently reviewing this DON observational survey process and will provide MDH with further direction after completing the review. We will continue to complete the DON Observational Survey Process until further directives are received.


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