Long Term Care Issues Committee

Charge - Survey Findings/Review Subcommittee

The Survey Findings/Review Subcommittee will focus on issues relating to the number, type and severity of deficiencies issued by the MDH.

The goal of the effort is to jointly identify the underlying causes of deficiencies, a process for the analysis of identified trends, and to identify areas of focus that will enhance the quality of care. The group will advise the Commissioner and other stakeholders who may play a part in successfully implementing the recommendations.

At the end of its work the committee will provide the commissioner with a set of recommended strategies that the department and providers may implement. This group is chaired by Patsy Riley, CEO of Stratis Health, a health care quality improvement organization.


The membership of the group will be broadly representative of long-term care consumers, providers, resident and patient advocates and regulatory agencies.

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Updated Tuesday, November 16, 2010 at 12:31PM