Long Term Care Issues Committee - Subcommittees

Commissioner Mandernach stated during the January 15, 2004 Long Term Care Issues Committee Meeting that two subcommittees would be formed to work on more focused areas of the committee’s discussions -- the Survey Findings/Review Subcommittee and the Communications for Survey Improvement Subcommittee.

The Survey Findings/Review Subcommittee will focus on issues relating to the number, type and severity of deficiencies issued by the MDH. The goal of the effort is to jointly identify the underlying causes of deficiencies, a process for the analysis of identified trends, and to identify areas of focus that will enhance the quality of care. This group will be chaired by the CEO of a health care quality improvement organization.

The Communications for Survey Improvement Subcommittee will focus on ways to minimize tensions created by the survey process and the regulatory relationship. Among other factors, the group will examine current communication processes, clarify roles and responsibilities of MDH and provider staff to set a productive, objective and respectful process. This group will also examine ways to better integrate information from family members and staff into the survey findings. The MDH has asked that the MN Department of Administration Management Analysis Division (MAD) facilitate the meetings of this group.

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