LTC Ad Hoc Committee 2005-06 Draft Workplan Outline

April 2005

- OLA Report

- Federal Policy Statement Relating to Deficiency Citations

- Cross Referencing Eval. and Survey Process Variability

- OHFC Legislative Report

- Workplan Ideas

July 2005

- Survey Process Inconsistency and Variability

- information from other states (e.g. Wisconsin)

- CSI Duluth - - determine if NE pilot projects should be replicated statewide on a regional basis

- MN Nursing Home Report Card

-LTC Ad Hoc 2004 Accomplishments/Workplan Discussion

October 2005

- Survey Communications Video – view

- Survey Process Inconsistency and Variability

February 2006

- Annual Quality Improvement Report on the Nursing Home Survey Process

- Annual OHFC Legislative Report

- Website Improvements - - survey/complaint info. in user friendly format


- Alternative Survey Process

- Nursing Home Profiles

- Success of Family Councils/Groups in Survey Process

- MDH Regulatory Reform Update


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