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2017 Lab Alerts

MLS Laboratory Update: March 21, 2017
Change in Testing Practices for Assessing Carbapenemase-Production in Isolates at MDH-PHL (PDF)

MLS Laboratory Update: Feb 27, 2017
Syphilis Outbreak in Drug Users (PDF)

MLS Laboratory Update: Feb 9, 2017
Newborn Screening has Added Screening for X-Linked Adrenoleukodystrophy (X-ALD) (PDF)

MLS Laboratory Update: Jan 27, 2017
Testing Travelers Returning from China for Avian Influenza A (H7N9) Virus Infection (PDF)

MLS Laboratory Update: Jan 26, 2017
Updates to the Communicable Disease Reporting Rules (PDF)

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2016 Lab Alerts

MLS Laboratory Update: Dec 8, 2016
Recommendation to Test for Varicella (Chickenpox) by PCR (PDF)

MLS Laboratory Update: Nov 14, 2016
New Information Regarding the Multidrug-Resistant Yeast Candida auris in the United States (PDF)

MLS Laboratory Update: Oct 17, 2016
Updated Guidance on NTM Associated with Heater-Cooler Units (PDF)

MLS Laboratory Update: Oct 4, 2016
MDH-PHL to Discontinue Reporting of Serotyping Results (PDF)

MLS Laboratory Update: June 23, 2016
MDH Requests Assistance for Clusters of B. cepacia (PDF)

MLS Laboratory Update: Jan 11, 2016
Change to Communicable Disease Reporting Rule (PDF)

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Categories of MLS Lab Alerts

Laboratory Alert:
Conveys the highest level of importance; warrants immediate action, attention or response.

Laboratory Advisory:
Provides important laboratory information which needs to be reviewed in a timely manner; may not require immediate action or response. (Previously designated as "Important Laboratory Information.")

Laboratory Update:
Provides routine laboratory information; unlikely to require immediate action or response. (Previously designated as "Routine Laboratory Information.")

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