Flu: It's not too late to vaccinate - PSA (30 seconds)

Be Prepared Checklist - PSA (30 seconds)

Man/Woman: Tissues?...Check (pen sound effect)

Man/Woman: Thermometer?...Check (beep sound effect)

Man/Woman: (Let’s see) Orange juice?...Check (pen sound effect)

Man/Woman: All the ingredients for Grandma’s chicken noodle soup?…(uh-huh) Check, check and check (pen sound effect)

Man: And...my collection of Kung Fu DVDs?....Check!” (pen sound effect)

*Alternative end with Woman: And...my collection of Brad Pitt DVDs?..perfect! (pen sound effect)

Announcer: Prepare your household for Flu season, for more information visit mdhflu.com. Sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Health, aired by the Minnesota Broadcasters Association and this station.

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Updated Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 04:01PM