Flu: It's not too late to vaccinate - PSA (30 seconds)

Vaccine Reminder Calendar - PSA (30 seconds)

Woman: How about the 12th, is that free?
Assistant: Nope, you have a meeting with corporate at 10 am, and a lunch date with the Monroe clients.
Woman: What about the 19th?
Assistant: Nope, you're scheduled for a dentist appointment. And you leave for vacation on the 29th, so I think that leaves you with the 22nd. Should I put you down for the flu then?

Voice-over:You can't schedule the flu into your life, so schedule your vaccines now. Visit mdhflu.com for information on how to get your vaccine. Sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Health, aired by the Minnesota Broadcasters Association and this station.

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Updated Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 04:01PM