Flu: It's not too late to vaccinate - PSA (60 seconds)

Flu: It's not too late to vaccinate - PSA (60 seconds)

Nancy Nelson, Minnesota actress and celebrity

(Sounds of winter: howling wind)

Nancy: Brrr. When it’s winter in Minnesota, it doesn’t take much for those sounds to turn into these:
(Cough! Sniffle! ""Ooh, my aching body!")
Now, you know all those sounds. Well, influenza has arrived in Minnesota. The question is; are you protected, and are your loved ones? In Minnesota, more than 800 people die from influenza or pneumonia each year. And many of those deaths could be prevented if more of us just got a flu shot. There’s still time this year to protect yourself. Usually, most cases of influenza in Minnesota don’t even occur until January or February and the season lasts through April. Get the flu vaccine now and you’ll protect not only yourself but those around you. It’s not too late to vaccinate. See your doctor, or visit mdhflu.com to find a flu clinic near you.

Announcer: This message from the Minnesota Department of Health.

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Updated Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 04:01PM