Flu: It's not just about you - PSA (60 seconds)

Flu: It's not just about you - PSA (60 seconds)

Nancy Nelson, Minnesota actress and celebrity

(Sounds of winter: howling wind)

Nancy: Influenza season has arrived in Minnesota. Are you protected? Are your loved ones? You may say, "I never get sick, so I don’t need a flu shot." But if you don’t get vaccinated, you could get the flu without even knowing it -- and then give it to someone you love who is vulnerable. Almost everyone knows someone who’s at high risk for the flu: A baby, a frail grandparent, a friend in the hospital or a nursing home, someone whose immune system is weakened. Often, these are the people for whom influenza can be life-threatening. So, who do you want to protect? You see, getting the flu vaccine is not just about you, but those around you. Get vaccinated for influenza today. See your doctor, or visit mdhflu.com to find a flu clinic near you.

Announcer: This message from the Minnesota Department of Health.

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Updated Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 04:01PM