Ticks and Lyme Disease - PSA (60 seconds)

Ken Speake, former KARE-11 reporter

(Loon calls in background)

Ken: Ahh warmer weather has returned to Minnesota. Time to get out and enjoy our favorite outdoor activities again, hiking, camping, fishing, bird watching and so many others, but if you’re venturing into the woods or brushy areas this time of year without using a good tick repellent, you could be risking serious illness. Lyme disease and two other diseases are spread by deer ticks in Minnesota. Late spring and early summer are primetime for these tiny bugs. You can fight tick bites, by using any good repellent that contains DEET or permethrin available at most drug stores and sporting good stores. Ken Speake here to say don’t let Lyme disease happen to you. Fight the bite. Use repellent. For other ways to prevent tick bites, visit www.health.state.mn.us.

Announcer: This message from the Minnesota Department of Health.

(Loon calls in background)

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Updated Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 04:01PM