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What is a Flu Center?

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Updated 9/14/09


During a severe pandemic, the healthcare system will be overwhelmed with a surge of patients. Initially hospitals and clinics will utilize continuity of business operations plans to increase surge capacity. However, when the surge has exceeded the capacity of their current business model, a flu center can be activated.

Flu centers serve as a safety valve for our communities by:

A Flu Center can be established in an existing clinic or hospital, a designated alternative care site or mass dispensing site, or at another location within the community. For an existing healthcare facility to be designated a flu center, the facility would adapt their services and would meet the following criteria:

As a community resource, flu center plans should include serving at-risk populations as well as uninsured and underinsured people.

Mass Dispensing Site, Flu Center or Alternative Care Site?

With limited resources, healthcare and public health must decide how to best serve the needs of their communities. In the case of pandemic influenza, the decision to open a Mass Dispensing Site versus an Alternative Care Site versus a Flu Center will be dependent upon the current community picture.

If more than one of the above situations is present, public health and healthcare will need to decide how to best deploy their limited resources, based on community needs and resources.  More than one type of site may be opened and/or the functions of the three different sites could be combined into one community resource.



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