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Mobile Medical Teams (MMT)

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What are the Mobile Medical Teams?

A Minnesota Mobile Medical Team (MMT) is a group of volunteer medical and support professionals who have received training and practice in providing acute medical care in a mobile field environment. When a community experiences a tornado, flood, or other incident that temporarily overwhelms its ability to provide health care services, the MMT can deploy either with the equipment needed to establish a range of clinical services (Type I) or without equipment to support staffing needs in existing care facilities (Type II) ) . There are currently two MMT organized under one model that could respond to incidents in Minnesota.

Gym with beds set up for MMT exercise.
MMT exercising an alternate care site

Why have Mobile Medical Teams?

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) is supporting the development of programs to better prepare, equip, and train our communities to respond to disasters that impact acute and primary healthcare services. MMT is one project

How does someone join a team?

There currently are two Minnesota Mobile Medical teams. Persons interested in joining a Mobile Medical Team are encouraged to register in the Minnesota Responds MRC program and check the box to request membership in either the Central MMT if you work or reside in the Central Region, or Metro MMT if you work or reside in the Metro Region area. When you submit your registration, an MMT unit administrator will contact you.

Who can request a Team?

During an emergency, the MMT can only be requested by a local jurisdiction through the Minnesota State Duty Officer (SDO), Department of Public Safety at 651-649-5451 or 800-422-0798.

Volunteers exercise in the Mobile Medical Unit.
MMT exercise in the Minnesota Mobile Medical Unit

How can I learn more about volunteering or mobile field care?

There are online courses that provide additional information about volunteering and working in a mobile medical environment. Interested persons can register in MN.TRAIN. MN.TRAIN is a learning management system that helps people find training, and maintain a record of courses taken. A couple courses that could be recommended through MN.TRAIN are:

  1. Minnesota Responds Medical Reserve Corps: Orientation for Volunteers, Course ID: 1020535
  2. Minnesota Mobile Medical Unit Orientation, Course ID: 1033359
  3. Off-Site Care Facility – Alternate Care Site: Primer for Volunteers, Course ID 1007836

After creating an account, enter the ID in the “Search-By-Course-ID” and follow the instructions.

For additional information, visit our Health Care System Preparedness page.


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