Mobile Medical Unit (MMU)

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What is the MMU?
The Minnesota Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) is a tractor-trailer that opens into a 1000 square foot stand-alone medical treatment center.
When deployed, the MMU has eight patient care beds, two of which can be used for critical-care stabilization. The unit is also equipped with lab, pharmacy, mechanical ventilators, advanced airway management, cardioversion, ultrasound, oxygen, suction and portable X-ray capabilities.

Photo of inside of MMU.What is it used for?
The MMU is designed to provide emergency patient stabilization and ambulatory care. Its primary mission will be to serve as a replacement for, or supplement to, local medical care after a disaster or during special events. For example, if a community experiences a tornado or flood which damages or overwhelms its medical care facilities, the MMU can be deployed to the community until the local health resources are functioning normally.

Who will staff the MMU?
A core team of technical personnel is dispatched with the MMU to set up the unit, and well-trained clinical personnel provide the patient care. The majority of the clinical staffing consists of healthcare volunteers who are registered in the Minnesota Responds Medical Reserve Corps at, who are active in their local community health volunteer programs, and whose services will not drain local resources in the affected area.

Photo of MMU truck on the highway.What did it cost?
The tractor-trailer MMU and accompanying supply truck cost 1.2 million dollars. They were purchased with federal healthcare grant dollars by the Metro Region Hospital Compact and later donated to the Minnesota Department of Health to be available for potential statewide use.

How do I request the MMU?
The Mobile Medical Unit will only be deployed during a disaster at the request of a local jurisdiction using established notification procedures through the Minnesota Duty Officer in the Department of Public Safety: 651-649-5451


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