2010 Ready to Respond MDH Preparedness Newsletter - Minnesota Dept. of Health

2010 Ready to Respond MDH Preparedness Newsletter

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October 2010 Ready to Respond MDH Preparedness Newsletter (PDF: 5 pages)

  • New Workspace
  • DRAT! A new program for teens
  • Expanded training in the Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program
  • Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Planning Update
  • M-STEP conference in November
  • Bloomington Public Health volunteers increase capacity to respond to public health emergencies
  • ICS Course changed from IS-100a to IS-100b

August 2010 Ready to Respond MDH Preparedness Newsletter (PDF: 7 pages)

  • Public health preparedness consultant touches lives in Haiti
  • H1N1 influenza updates
    • How H1N1 information was communicated to at-risk populations
    • Influenza (flu) website a valuable tool
    • MDH/LPHA Emergency Preparedness Policy Summit brings recommendations
    • So Many Sites, So Little Time conference a big success
  • Mobile Medical Unit set up at Great Minnesota Air Show
  • MDH Public Health Laboratory gets ready for Challenge Set
  • Climate change is a public health concern
  • Health Care Occupational and Environmental Safety Workshop
  • New Workspace coming soon!
  • Free, short training modules for public health professionals

April 2010 Ready to Respond MDH Preparedness Newsletter (PDF: 6 pages)

  • H1N1 Influenza Update
    • New role calls for new resources
    • Improvements for pandemic planning and response emerge in review process
    • Partnerships impact planning and response
  • MDH has new Department Operations Center
  • U-SEEE grant uses innovative training methods for DOC staff
  • MnWARN - Utilities Helping Utilities
  • Public health lab newborn screening section involved in multi-state collaboration
  • Upcoming Events: Disaster Madness: Staying Calm in Chaos
  • Flood Communication Tips: It happens every spring, and we don't mean baseball

January 2010 Ready to Respond MDH Preparedness Newsletter (PDF: 7 pages)

  • Responding to novel H1N1 influenza
    • What we accomplished together
    • Coping with success: Minnesota FluLine
    • Weekly media briefings help manage intense interest
    • Training 1400 MDH employees about Novel H1N1
    • Partnerships in Action
  • Technology and Preparedness
    • Telework: Working from a remote location
    • Minnesota achieves PHIN certification in Direct Alerting
  • Research grant to focus on simulations and exercises for educational effectiveness
  • Public health aspects of climate change
  • Public health lab receives new equipment for flu response


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