2011 Ready to Respond MDH Preparedness Newsletter

October 2011 Ready to Respond MDH Preparedness Newsletter (PDF: 6 pages)

  • MDH Coop Activated
  • Director's Chair: The Preparedness Mindset
  • LPH Preparedness:
    • Rare Inhalation Anthrax Investigation
    • Mobile Medical Unit at Mahnomen
    • Cooking Safely for a Crowd
  • Healthcare Preparedness: Great Lakes Healthcare Partnership (GLHP)
  • MN.TRAIN Tidbit
  • Myrlah Olson Retires
  • Office of Emergency Preparedness Reorganization/Staff Restructuring

June 2011 Ready to Respond MDH Preparedness Newsletter (PDF: 6 pages)

  • CDC Releases Public Health Preparedness Capabilities
  • Presidential Policy Directive/PPD-8 National Preparedness
  • Director's Chair - Change, Opportunity, Uncertainty and Hope
  • MDH Preparedness
    • Leadership Changes at the Office of Emergency Preparedness
    • Fact Sheet on Food Donation
    • Exercise Design Tips
    • OEP Releases 2010 Highlights Document
    • Healthcare Preparedness in Minnesota: How Are We Doing?
    Communication Quick Tips: Have I Got News for You Stuck in Translation
  • Conference Notes:
    • MDH Hosts the National TRAIN Affiliates
    • Southeast Region Hosts Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Conference
    • MDH Public Laboratory Delivers Annual Laboratory Conference
    Upcoming Events: Road to Resilience: Moving Forward on All-Hazards and Pandemic Planning

January 2011 Ready to Respond MDH Preparedness Newsletter (PDF: 6 pages)

  • Climate change from a public health perspective
  • Hazards of snow-covered meter
  • Director's Chair
  • MDH Preparedness
    • Postal Plan - delivering antibiotics in 48 hours
    • Exercises to help MDH staff work in the DOC
    • Award to study states' ability to respond to emerging infectious diseases
    • Laboratory training for potential agents of bioterrorism
  • Healthcare System Preparedness
    • Healthcare decisions: shelter, relocate or evacuate?
    • MN Psychological First Aid video wins national award
  • Communications: Have I got news for you
  • Conference: Community shelters during emergencies

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