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MN Behavioral Health Medical Reserve Corp Factsheet

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Behavioral Health Medical Reserve Corp

The Behavioral Health MRC is a statewide group of volunteer behavioral health specialists, whose mission is to support global resilience of individuals and communities, and the Incident Command System during disasters by providing expert skills in the area of behavioral health. Disasters in which the MN Behavioral Health MRC may be deployed include, but are not limited to, natural disasters, man-made accidents, bioterrorism, pandemics, school emergencies, and public health emergencies.

Some of the Services That May Be Provided

  • Disaster Behavioral Health Risk Communication to assist development of disaster behavioral health messaging.
  • Disaster Education & Crisis Counseling (DCC) Services such as Psychological First Aid (PFA), Short term or long term 1-to-1 BH Counseling Services, Group BH Services, emotional support services and consultation for Emergency Responders.
  • Assistance Center (AC) for waiting family members and/or survivors of the disaster. Services include: Information Briefings, Psychological First Aid (PFA), Family Reunification, Death Notification support, and linkage to community resources.
  • Behavioral Health Hot Line
  • Behavioral Health Outreach (BHO) for survivors without access to services and/or survivors who are not seeking services.
  • Force Health Protection support services for disaster response staff.


Behavioral Health MRC volunteers may currently work in, or be retired from mental/behavioral health, medical, or a community support service professions. BH MRC volunteers may be licensed or unlicensed mental health professionals, social workers, mental health counselors, school counselors, mental health case managers, substance abuse professionals, chaplains, psychiatric nurses, geriatric specialists, or they may come from a closely related community support service area.

Behavioral Health MRC volunteers have expertise in mental/behavioral health crisis response, are knowledgeable about local and regional mental/behavioral health and disaster resources, and have the communication skills to coordinate with local mental/behavioral health agencies, other disaster responders, and community support services during community response and recovery.

How to Access the BH MRC

The BH MRC is coordinated by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), Office of Emergency Preparedness and only deployed under authorization of the Commissioner of Health. Emergency management can request the assistance of the MN BH MRC by submitting a resource request through the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC), or if the SEOC is not open they can submit a request to MDH through the State Duty Officer.

Additional Information on the MN Behavioral Health Medical Reserve Corps:

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