Pandemic Influenza Behavioral Health TIPS

Download PDF version formatted to print out as a tip card: Pandemic Influenza Behavioral Health TIPS (PDF: 114KB/2 pages)

As we prepare for a pandemic flu and become aware of its potential consequences, it is natural for our emotions to intensify. We will be affected in a wide variety of ways.

FEELINGS: Shock, anger, guilt, terror, helplessness, despair

THOUGHTS: Confusion, memory loss, blaming, poor concentration

BEHAVIORS: Isolation, change in sleeping patterns & eating habits

PHYSICAL: Fatigue, headaches, increased heartbeat, stomachaches

SPIRITUAL: Expressing anger or strength from your spiritual beliefs


LEARN about social distancing practices that will assist in protecting you from infectious diseases.

PRACTICE stress management through exercise, prayer, meditation, deep breathing or relaxation activities, and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


  • BUILD emotional health and strength into your family's lives by learning to identify and discuss emotions and positive ways to respond with healthy behaviors.
  • KNOW that daily life may be significantly different during a pandemic. Doing something to help others helps us.
  • BE involved in faith-based and other community groups and help plan ways those groups can continue working and serving.
  • WORK with family members and friends who have special needs to help create or improve their personal emergency plans.
  • SEEK support from family, friends and colleagues.
  • MAKE use of available community services
  • CONTINUE your daily schedule at work and leisure activities.
  • SEEK professional mental health assistance if you feel depressed, a sense of hopelessness or extreme anger. There is help available to assist you in getting through.

Updated Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 12:54PM