Behavioral Health Pandemic Preparedness Checklist: OEP - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Behavioral Health
Pandemic Preparedness Checklist

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Agency Preparedness Planning

Does your agency’s emergency plan include pandemic influenza?

Has your agency developed plans to ensure continuity of services in the event of pandemic (e.g., lack of water, food, and gasoline) related to a disruption of community services?

Does your agency have a collaborative planning relationship with other behavioral health care organizations in the community (e.g., county services, mental health centers, clinics and treatment facilities, psychiatric hospitals)?

Has your agency identified services that must be maintained during a pandemic?

Has your agency identified services that could be reduced or curtailed during a pandemic?

Has your agency identified the supplies required during an influenza pandemic and a supplier?

Will suppliers be able to fulfill contracts during an influenza pandemic? If not, does the agency/organization have a backup source of supply?

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Human Resources Preparedness Planning

Is there a chain of command for implementing the pandemic plan? (i.e., if an administrator is not available, who is next in command?)

Has your agency identified the skills that will be required during a pandemic?

Have you informed your staff of their roles/responsibilities during an influenza pandemic?

Does your agency have a staffing contingency plan in case 20 to 35% of staff is unable to work due to illness or the need to care for an ill family member?

Does your agency have a policy for addressing work refusal

Has your agency identified potential outside sources of human resources (e.g., other community organizations, volunteers, family members)?

Has your agency developed plans to support staff during a pandemic (e.g., child care, transportation, psychosocial support, meals, accommodation, assistance with pet care)?

Is there a designated area where staff can obtain information on/be alerted to a potential influenza pandemic?

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Staff Preparedness Planning

Has your agency encouraged staff to develop individual and family preparedness plans?

Does your agency provide pandemic influenza educational materials to staff (i.e., Fact sheets on Novel H1N1 signs and symptoms, home health care, agency updates)?

Has your staff been trained in Psychological First Aid and stress related to a pandemic influenza in order to reduce stress in clients and increase your agency’s workforce resilience?

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Client Preparedness Planning

Has your agency identified clients at high-risk of complications from influenza and identified strategies to reduce their risk?

Does your agency have an up-to-date assessment/plan of your clients’ mental health and/or addiction needs?

Does the client assessment/plan specify the skill and/or expertise required to meet the client’s needs?

Does your agency have plans to ensure clients continue to have access to prescribed medications (e.g., anti-depressants, methadone, and needle exchange services)?

Has your agency developed plans to meet the practical needs of highly vulnerable clients (i.e., food, shelter)?

Has your agency identified clients who could be cared for in other settings if necessary?

Has your agency provided education on pandemic influenza to your clients (i.e., transmission, symptoms, how to take care of yourself)?

Has your agency assisted clients in developing personal preparedness plans?

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Communications Preparedness Planning

Has your agency established a communication system with the local public health unit and other partners?

Does your agency have a plan for communicating with staff, guardians, clients, volunteers and family members during a pandemic?  

Does your agency have alternative methods of internal and external communication if the main method of communication is not available?  

Has your agency designated a media spokesperson? Is there a plan for this person to coordinate messages with local public health?  

Has your agency developed procedures for handling requests for information from the media? Are these provisions consistent with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)?

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Influenza Screening/Surveillance Preparedness Planning

Does your agency provide an annual flu shots for staff and clients?

Has your agency posted “Cover your Cough,” and “Hand Hygiene: Wash Your Hands!” posters in staff and client areas?

Does your agency have plans to screen staff, clients, volunteers and visitors for symptoms of influenza-like illness (ILI) and refer them to Triage hotline or a Flu Center for assessment?

Does your agency encourage staff and clients to report ILI symptoms?

Have provisions been made for restricted access to your facility (i.e., closing communal rooms, creating sick rooms, restricting visitors)?

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