Office of Minority and Multicultural Health Advisory Committee Charter

Approved September 21, 2012

The Office of Minority and Multicultural Health (OMMH) Advisory Committee provides a forum for discussion and advice to the Commissioner of Health focused on improving the health status of populations of color and American Indians in the state of Minnesota. It serves to further the purpose of OMMH, which provides leadership within the Minnesota Department of Health to strengthen the health and wellness of Minnesota’s communities by engaging populations of color and American Indians in actions essential to eliminate health disparities.

Role of the OMMH Advisory Committee
OMMH has established a diverse advisory committee to inform the strategic direction of its work. Members represent community stakeholders offering professional expertise; diverse knowledge of constituent perspectives; connections to resources, colleagues or peers; and other forms of assistance as needed. 

Specifically focusing on health disparities and health equity, the OMMH Advisory Committee will:

  1. Review and assess implications of policy and emerging health issues in Minnesota’s 87 counties.
  2. Recommend cross-sector engagement practices that promote community collaboration and cultural competency in achieving public health goals, while acknowledging community assets.
  3. Contribute to increasing ethnic data collection and analysis for populations and color and American Indians.
  4. Serve as a conduit for communication of activities/issues relevant to protecting, maintaining and improving the health conditions of populations of color and American Indians.

OMMH Advisory Committee Composition
The OMMH Advisory Committee shall comprise of a minimum of 18 members, and up to a maximum of 24. Members may serve three consecutive, three 3 year terms. In most cases, terms for vacant seats shall commence on January 1 through December 31.

The OMMH Advisory Committee will include but not be limited to community and professional stakeholders from the following fields:

  • Public and Private Health
  • Banking
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Economic and Community Development
  • Private Nonprofit
  • Health Plans
  • City, County and Tribal Government
  • Chambers

Ex-officio membership is reserved for the following State Councils:

  • Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans (CAPM)
  • Council on Black Minnesotans (CBM)
  • Minnesota Indian Affairs Council (MIAC)
  • Chicano Latino Affairs Council (CLAC)

The OMMH Advisory Committee Chair is elected by members of the OMMH Advisory Committee to serve a 3-year term. The Chair will oversee preparation of the meeting agenda and materials with OMMH staff and preside over all regular committee meetings.

The OMMH Advisory Committee Vice-Chair is elected by members of the OMMH Advisory Committee to serve a 3-year term. This position serves in the absence of the Chair or the Chair’s inability to act.

Committee members are expected to attend the majority of the scheduled meetings. A member may send a person to observe a meeting by informing the designated OMMH staff when unable to attend. It is expected that members will communicate with the designee so that he/she can be informed on discussions and decisions.

Termination of Membership
Any member of the OMMH Advisory Committee may resign at any time by providing a written notice to the Advisory Committee Chair and the Office of Minority and Multicultural Health.

Memberships may be terminated where the member:

  1. Fails to attend the majority of the meetings
  2. Fails to attend three consecutive meetings

Quorum and Voting
Quorum requirements for the OMMH Advisory Committee are:

  1. Where there is an odd number of voting members for the committee, a majority of members.
  2. Where there is an even number of voting members for the committee, one half of the members, plus one.

Members who participate in a committee meeting by electronic means, whereby they can be heard and can hear, also meet the requirements of a quorum.

Matters that can only be determined by consensus or by voting on a majority basis can be done only by those members present at the meeting (physically or through electronic means). There will be no proxy vote.

Administrative Support
The committee will receive administrative support that includes recording of the minutes, meeting preparations, convening an accessible meeting space and other required supports. In the case of established special work groups or ad-hoc committees, technical support will also be provided by OMMH staff.

Advisory Committee members will receive information relevant to strategic discussions and decision making in a timely manner. 

Meeting Schedule
The OMMH Advisory Committee will hold regular quarterly meetings. Additional special meetings may be called as needed. Meetings will be held in an accessible location determined by OMMH. Regular quarterly advisory committee meetings are open to the public.

Committee members will receive an annual calendar of regularly scheduled advisory meetings. Reminder notices will be given at least 30 days prior to each meeting. 

Agenda and Meeting Minutes
Staff will prepare meeting agendas with input from the Chair and committee members. 

Once prepared by staff, meeting minutes will be forwarded to each committee member no more than 10 days after the last meeting. Members will advise staff in advance of any amendments required to the minutes. Committee member will receive a final draft at least five days prior to the meeting at which the minutes will be adopted.

OMMH staff will post meeting agendas and minutes on MDH OMMH web page.

Conflict of Interest Statement
The OMMH Advisory Committee is not a governing board but serves as counsel to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). Members represent community and professional stakeholders that influence the public health of various populations. MDH will rely on the advisory board to provide forthright and constructive feedback on the strategic direction of OMMH.

To avoid potential conflicts of interest with the purpose of the committee, the following statements have been created as guidance on issues of potential influences on judgment, disclosure, and recusal.

  • OMMH Advisory Committee is not a governing board but serves as counsel to the Minnesota Department of Health. The function of the committee is solely to provide perspective and advice to MDH on how to best fulfill its mission.
  • The Office of Minority and Multicultural Health operates within a state agency with the authority to make grants to other entities (e.g., private nonprofits, community health boards, faith-based organizations, community clinics). OMMH Advisory Committee members cannot be currently employed as staff or paid consultants of any grant recipient. 
  • If a committee member receives EHDI funding while serving, the member must forgo his/her seat.
  • Unpaid board members affiliated with an OMMH funding recipient are eligible for membership. However, if topics arise during an advisory committee meeting that poses a potential conflict of interest with the grant recipient’s board member, as a committee member, he/she must declare recusal. 

All members must sign a conflict of interest statement at the beginning of the members’ term. 

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