Eliminating Health Disparities Initiative Grantees - State Fiscal Year 2013

The Eliminating Health Disparity Initiative (EHDI) is a grants-based program administered by the Minnesota Department of Health-Office of Minority and Multicultural Health established in the 2001 Legislative session. The goal of EHDI is to improve the health status of Populations of Color and American Indians (POC/AI).

Grant Type Priority Health Area Serving Residents
of County
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Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe

Project name: Healthy Beginnings

Grant Type: Priority Health Area Implementation

Project Description: We will reduce infant mortality rates by improving prenatal health and education to women. The approach is a one-on-one, hands on educational model to empower our women to create their own improved health, share that with their daughters and walk towards wellness creating environmental change designed to leave a generation of health disparities behind. We will use talking circles, home visits, community education, a mass media campaign, improved use of electronic database system, screenings, one-on-one counseling, routine wellness exams, incentive programs, intense follow-up, development of better procedures and protocols, strategies to improve the medical system infrastructure. We address barriers including; lack of transportation and childcare, substance abuse, depression and other mental health conditions, domestic violence and unstable/inadequate housing. Working closely with the State MDH Title V representative, Indian Health Service, surrounding healthcare centers, schools, cultural advisors, clinics, consumers, providers, and families we will address the system of care issues that impact the women of our reservation.

EHDI Grant Activity Outcomes: Provide: -safe sleep education to 60 participants -safe ride education to 100 participants -FAS and shaken baby syndrome education to 100 participants Document reduction in tobacco use by pregnant women from the baseline of 42% Document reduction in infant mortality which is, currently three times that of non-native populations.

Racial/ethnic group(s) to be served:
American Indian

Priority health area(s):
Infant Mortality

County(s) Served:

Geography and Population Served: Native American females of child bearing years and/or pregnant who live within the Leech Lake Reservation or within the counties which fall within the reservation.

Contact: Bernadette Gotchie

Street address:
115 6th Ave. NW, Suite E
Cass Lake , MN 56633
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Phone: 218-335-4500
E-mail: bernadette.gotchie@llojibwe.org
Web site: www.llojibwe.org

Executive Director: Carrie Jones, Tribal Chairwoman
Phone: 218-335-8200
E-mail: carrie.jones@llojibwe.org