Eliminating Health Disparities Initiative Grantees - State Fiscal Year 2013

The Eliminating Health Disparity Initiative (EHDI) is a grants-based program administered by the Minnesota Department of Health-Office of Minority and Multicultural Health established in the 2001 Legislative session. The goal of EHDI is to improve the health status of Populations of Color and American Indians (POC/AI).

Grant Type Priority Health Area Serving Residents
of County
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Lao Family Community of Minnesota

Project name: KEV XAIV (Making Choices)

Grant Type: Priority Health Area Implementation

Amount of Grant: $180,000.00

Project Description: Kev Xaiv: Pregnancy Prevention and Parenting provides abstinence-based pregnancy prevention education for Hmong youth in middle schools and comprehensive pregnancy prevention education for youth in high schools. Support services for young Hmong parents are also available with support groups in schools.

EHDI Grant Activity Outcomes: 80% of 150 students will demonstrate: a) Increased knowledge of the benefits of abstinence b) Increased knowledge of human sexuality c) Increased knowledge of HIV/STIs and how to prevent infections d) Increased skills to cope with gender role expectations and parent-child conflict 90% of 75 young mothers and 15 young fathers will: a) Remain in or return to school b) Know how to prevent HIV/STD infections c) Increase awareness of the importance of family planning d) Increase knowledge of child development milestones e) Increase knowledge of harmful parenting practices 100% of young mothers will not become pregnant while in the program

Racial/ethnic group(s) to be served:
Asian/Pacific Islander

Priority health area(s):
HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Teen Pregnancy Prevention

County(s) Served:

Geography and Population Served: Emphasis on Hmong community in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Contact: Vern Xiong

Street address:
320 University Ave W
Saint Paul, MN 55103
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Phone: 651 221-0069
E-mail: vxiong@laofamily.org
Web site: www.laofamily.org

Executive Director: Vern Xiong
Phone: 651 221-0069
E-mail: vxiong@laofamily.org

Grant manager: Xiaoying Chen | 651-201-5822 | Xiaoying.Chen@state.mn.us