Eliminating Health Disparities Initiative Grantees - State Fiscal Year 2013

The Eliminating Health Disparity Initiative (EHDI) is a grants-based program administered by the Minnesota Department of Health-Office of Minority and Multicultural Health established in the 2001 Legislative session. The goal of EHDI is to improve the health status of Populations of Color and American Indians (POC/AI).

Grant Type Priority Health Area Serving Residents
of County
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Stairstep Foundation

Project name: HWU Attacks Diabetes

Grant Type: Priority Health Area Implementation

Project Description: Stairstep Foundation, using an established network of African American churches, will build the community capacity to combat diabetes. Research has proven that simple lifestyle changes in diet and exercise can be effective in preventing diabetes. Because of the high risk African Americans have of experiencing diabetes and because the negative impacts of this gateway condition are exacerbated, among African Americans this project is launched. 20 congregation members will be trained to deliver the CDC curriculum, ""I Can Prevent Diabetes"" to 100 community members over the next twelve months. The awareness of the community to the ravages of diabetes will be dramatically increased by delivering this project in collaboration with the African American church. Furthermore the training of Lifestyle Coaches in the community enhances the community capacity to relate to diabetes.

EHDI Grant Activity Outcomes: 20 members of African American congregations in the Twin Cities Metro will become Diabetes preventionLifestyle Coaches 100 persons pre-diabetic persons will receive the "I Can Prevent Diabetes" training Stairstep Foundation will apply to the CDC for recognition as a training site"

Racial/ethnic group(s) to be served:
African/African American

Priority health area(s):

County(s) Served:

Geography and Population Served: African American in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Contact: Alfred Babington-Johnson

Street address:
1404 14th Avenue N
Minneapolis, MN 55411
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Phone: 612-521-3110
E-mail: babington@stairstep.org
Web site: www.stairstep.org

Executive Director: Alfred Babington-Johnson