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Minority and Multicultural Health Grants

About the Eliminating Health Disparities Grants

Community Grants

The Eliminating Health Disparities Initiative funds Community Grants. These grants provide grantees an opportunity to:

  • work toward eliminating the health disparities of racial and ethnic populations;
  • promote the health and quality of life of individuals and communities;
  • build on community strengths and assets to address health issues;
  • develop effective working relationships among community members and the organizations and leaders who serve them;
  • focus on prevention and early detection.

These grants are awarded to community based organizations so they can reduce racial/ethnic health disparities for Africans/African Americans, American Indians, Asian Americans, and Hispanics/Latinos in Minnesota as compared with whites in the following eight priority health areas: breast and cervical cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections, immunizations for adults and children, infant mortality, healthy youth development, and violence and unintentional injuries.

Grants to Community Health Boards

Formula grants were given to Community Health Boards for screening and follow-up services for tuberculosis for foreign-born persons.

Eliminating Health Disparities Initiative (EHDI)


About the Tribal Grants

Tribal Government Grants


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