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Oral Health Plan

The Minnesota Oral Health Plan provides a blueprint for accomplishing the goals and objectives that have been developed in collaboration with partners and stakeholders, including members of the public health and dental communities.

Many people and organizations have worked together to help create the Minnesota Oral Health Plan by participating in workgroup activities.

Three work groups collaborated with the Minnesota Department of Health in the systematic development of the plan. Volunteer work group members represent the diversity found in many Minnesota communities, health care systems, education at all levels, the public, providers, and government. The goal of the work groups was to develop objectives that address oral health in the following ways:

  • Access to Care: Create a coordinated strategy to link people to needed oral health services. Assure the availability and acceptability of these services by enhancing system capacity. Encourage efficient evidence-based utilization of resources by reducing barriers and identifying existing programs that are successful.
  • Prevention, Education & Awareness: Improve oral health by strengthening prevention measures, mitigating existing oral disease and establishing optimal oral health for all Minnesotans. Educate the public and medical and dental professionals about oral health as an essential component of optimal general health.
  • Workforce Development: Assure an adequate, equitably distributed, and competent oral health workforce that can appropriately adapt to and meet the oral health needs of all.

The comprehensive plan's goal is to reduce the prevalence of oral diseases and includes specific objectives related to oral health promotion, disease prevention and control, and specific risk factors. The plan provides specific, measurable, and time-phased objectives and strategies for accomplishing each goal.

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The Minnesota Oral Health Plan serves as a call to action for individuals, communities, and organizations to collaborate and implement strategies that will improve the oral health of Minnesotans.

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