Pathways to a Public Health Career

PeopleAre you looking for a profession with purpose? Do you want the work you do to benefit others, and add meaning to your life? While many professionals desire to “make a difference,” public health professionals work every day to protect and improve the health of people in their communities, and they do it by reaching many people at once.

There are a wide range of professions that make up the field of public health, but they share a common interest in prevention and a focus on the community or the population, as a whole.

Assuring clean water, air, and safe food; protecting people from diseases; assuring that people can get health care; giving people accurate health information; and promoting policies that protect and improve health are just a few examples of public health work.

About Pathways to a Public Health Career

Pathways to a Public Health Career is devoted to encouraging Minnesotans of all ages to consider pursuing a career in public health. We strive to provide basic information about the field of public health, including information on education, job opportunities and stories from practicing public health professionals.

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