Public Health Recruitment Tools and Resources

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If you are a public health professional, how did you find your way into a public health career? Generally, the answer to that question is “by accident.” We hope to change that for future public health professionals of the future, and we need you to help us.

More and more we are learning that it is important for young people to be exposed to the concepts of public health and public health careers early in life. As public health professionals, you have the opportunity to share your stories about the value of a career in public health.

This Web page was designed to give you some tools to use to talk about public health careers. Think of yourself as a public health ambassador. Your job is to tell your story to people, and share with them the rewards of a public health career. For starters, we recommend that you take a look at the "ambassador talking points." Additional resources for getting children and young adults interested in public health, including links, power point presentations, games and curriculum ideas are listed below.

Talking Points for "Public Health Ambassadors"

These talking points were developed by staff at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health Career Counseling Center and the Minnesota Department of Health. The talking points are designed to be used with people ages 18 and over.

General Public Health Resources

  • What is Public Health?
    This site was developed by the Association of Schools of Public Health with support from Pfizer. It describes public health, the impact of public health, and shares information on public health careers.
  • This is Public Health
    The “This Is Public Health” campaign was created by Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPH) to let people know that public health affects them on a daily basis and that we are only as healthy as the world we live in. Join this national effort to promote public health awareness in your community.
  • Unnatural Causes... Is Inequality Making Us Sick?
    A seven-part documentary series exploring racial and socioeconomic inequalities in health. Originally aired on PBS stations in spring 2008. Learn more about the series and watch episodes online!
  • Epidemic! The Natural History of Disease
    This site is loaded with fun interactive learning opportunities for students and teachers. It includes links to many other interesting public health related websites.
  • Science Friday: Kids
    This site has terrific ideas and information for kids to help them explore an interest in health, public health and related topics.
  • Rx for Survival: A Global Health Challenge
    This ground-breaking project examines what makes us sick, what keeps us healthy, and what it would take to give good health the upper hand. Rx for Survival includes a PBS documentary mini-series, an interactive Web site, and resources for teachers. Rx for Survival: A Global Health Challenge is a co-production of the WGBH/NOVA Science Unit and Vulcan Productions, Inc.


  • Outbreak at WatersEdge
    The need for public health professionals has never been greater. But what is "Public Health" anyway? This interactive game will introduce you to the world of public health as you help discover the source of the outbreak that has hit the small community of WatersEdge and stop it before more residents get sick.

Curriculum Ideas

The following curricula suggestions were developed by trial and error over a period of several years, by staff at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health Career Counseling Center, and the Minnesota Department of Health.

These exercises were designed to be used with junior high and high school aged students.