Minnesota Public Health Research to Action Network

Minnesota Research to Action Network

The Minnesota Public Health Research to Action Network launched in 2009 to stimulate public health systems and services research across Minnesota. The network was created to produce important new insights and relevant findings that can be used by practitioners and elected officials to improve public health services, organizations, and systems, and ultimately improve the health of Minnesotans.

Featured Research
Local Health Department Factors Associated with Performance in the Successful Implementation of Community-Based Strategies (PDF: 873KB / 20 pages) - December 2013
Local Health Department Factors that Accelerate Population-Based Intervention Implementation (PDF: 319KB / 4 pages) - December 2013
Minnesota MPROVE Study: Overall Findings and State-Specific Analysis (PDF: 356KB / 13 pages) - October 2013
A Snapshot of Findings for 2012 Developmental Measures (PDF: 214KB / 2 pages) - October 2013
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About Public Health Practice-Based Research Networks

The Minnesota Public Health Research to Action Network is a partnership of:

The Minnesota Public Health Research to Action Network is part of a nationwide network of practice-based research networks. The Public Health Practice‐Based Research Networks (PBRN) Program is a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that supports the development of research networks for studying the comparative effectiveness, efficiency and equity of public health strategies in real-world practice settings.

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