Annual Reporting for Local Public Health- Minnesota Dept. of Health

Annual Reporting for Local Public Health

Each year, Minnesota community health boards report data on programs, activities, and resources, to help monitor the health of the state-local public health partnership.

2018 Budget

In the past, community health boards have submitted an overall community health board budget and Title V MCH Block Grant budget through PPMRS by December 31 for the following year.

  • This year, MDH will not require community health boards to submit a comprehensive budget for all community health board expenditures
  • MDH will not ask community health boards to complete the three budget forms in PPMRS

CHS Administrators will receive additional information about submitting their Title V MCH Block Grant 2018 budget and work plan from Janet Olstad, MDH Community & Family Health Division.

Expenditure and Statistical Reporting moving to REDCap

Each year between February and March 31, community health boards report on the previous year’s expenditures and staffing in PPMRS. This coming year, community health boards will report their 2017 Financial/Expenditure and Staffing/Statistical information (including that for the Title V MCH Block Grant) using the REDCap reporting system, rather than PPMRS.

Community health boards already report of their annual performance measures in REDCap and we hope that moving this remaining information from PPMRS to REDCap will simplify reporting.

Community health boards will be reporting the same financial and statistical data as in past years (see: Example Finance and Staffing Forms). MDH will not ask community health boards to collect or report any new information. MDH will provide online training in early 2018 with guidance for reporting in REDCap.

CHS administrators are still responsible for maintaining the information in the PPMRS Community Health Board Contact Database.

Area of Reporting Status Due
Finance and Expenditures Closed March 31, 2018
Staffing Closed March 31, 2018
LPH Act Performance Measures Closed March 31, 2018
Budget n/a 2018 reporting cancelled

For information on statutory requirements and the performance-related accountability measure, visit: Statute Requirements for the Local Public Health Act.

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Required Local Public Health Activities

Are you looking for the Required Local Public Health Activities capacity assessment? Visit: Local Public Health Act: Required Local Public Health Activities.

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