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Finance (Expenditures) and Staffing Reporting

Finance reporting and staffing reporting is typically open in February and March of each year. Reporting is due March 31. Community health boards report finance and staffing information in PPMRS, using a single, agency-wide username and password.

Gather Data
Report Data in PPMRS
Use Data for Improvement

Gather Data

Six Areas of Public Health Responsibility: Community health boards report data in the six areas of public health responsibility, as noted in the Local Public Health Act.

Finance Entry Glossary: Learn more about definitions, where to put different components, and areas of public health responsibility, including Title V and TANF.

Staffing Entry Glossary: Learn more about definitions, job classifications, and areas of public health responsibility.

Sample Finance and Staffing Forms: View sample forms like those found in PPMRS.

Current and Previous LPH Act Awards: The Local Public Health Act grant provides funding to community health boards and tribal governments in Minnesota.

Report Data in PPMRS

Once your community health board has gathered its data, log into PPMRS while reporting is open and enter your data. Reporting is due by March 31.

PPMRS Training Guides

If you need a username and/or password, please contact

If you have problems logging in, please visit Frequently Asked Questions.


Validation is the automatic checking of the data to verify accuracy. After all forms have been submitted (please make sure to click submit on all forms upon completion), the validation will run and the CHS administrator will receive an email from PPMRS with the results in a validation report. If errors occurred, the validation report will identify the errors. Learn more at PPMRS: Validation.

Use Data for Improvement

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