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Instructions for Reporting

We encourage you to consult with your colleagues (especially in multi-county CHBs) in order to ensure that you are able to provide valid, reliable information. Be honest and thoughtful about what your CHB is doing in each area of responsibility.

To help you to gather that information in preparation for completing PPRMS reporting, MDH will post documents that contain all measures and instructions for this year's reporting cycle. We encourage you to print these documents and use them as a reference while reporting into PPMRS, as they contain instructions that will be useful throughout reporting.

Instructions for reporting on 2014 data will be posted in November and December 2014 as they become available. Once the instructions are online, you can start compiling information for reporting; you do not need to wait until the reporting period opens to start working.

Img Capacity Measures from National Standards (368KB / 14 pages)

Help: PPMRS Training and Webinar

Img Using Data to Tell Your Story: Capture and Share Meaningful Data with your 2014 CHB-Specific Reports

Share Information with your Peers

Do you have a tool you use to collect and organize reporting data? Share it!

Img Washington County PPMRS Reporting Tool (63KB)
  Questions: Alex Eichman, Washington Co. (651-430-6686)
  Please Note: This tool was developed by Washington County for its own internal use, and is intended as an example only. It may not reflect recent changes to performance measures, and does not provide instructions on how to report data.

Archive: Data from Past Years

View data and reports from 2005 to the present on Finance, Staffing, and Performance Measures. Learn more.


  1. For more information on the SCHSAC decision to align with the national standards, read the SCHSAC Performance Improvement and Accreditation Workgroup's final report: National Public Health Standards and Voluntary Accreditation (PDF: 725KB / 56 pages). [return]