Changes for 2014:
LPH Act Performance Measures

In 2010, the State Community Health Services Advisory Committee (SCHSAC) recommended substantial changes to Minnesota’s local public health improvement system, particularly the Local Public Health Act measures of the state’s Planning and Performance Measurement Reporting System (PPMRS). In essence, SCHSAC recommended aligning with the national standards, developing a performance management system, and assisting all community health boards (CHBs) to achieve the national standards. [1]

Performance Management Cycle

SCHSAC convened the Performance Improvement Steering Committee to implement these recommendations. The Committee retained the framework of six areas of responsibility to organize the measures, which phase into PPMRS during 2013 and 2014.

During 2014:

  • Reporting on the new infrastructure capacity measures will continue
  • New measures of local public health services will be introduced for four areas of responsibility
  • Measures on the final area of responsibility (Environmental Health) and on health equity will phase into PPMRS


  1. For more information on the SCHSAC decision to align with the national standards, read the SCHSAC Performance Improvement and Accreditation Workgroup's final report: National Public Health Standards and Voluntary Accreditation (PDF: 725KB / 56 pages). [return]