Guidance: Multi-County CHB Reporting

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Minnesota currently has 50 community health boards (CHBs); 20 of them are multi-county CHBs. Many of these multi-county CHBs have been reporting into PPMRS (the Planning and Performance Measurement System) as a single entity. Others have reported separately as individual local health departments. Beginning in 2013, all CHBs will report as a single entity.

Context for Moving Toward CHB Reporting

In 2012, there were 21 multi-county CHBs. Eleven of them reported as individual local health departments, and 10 reported as single CHBs. In the past 3 years a handful of multi-county CHBs have transitioned to reporting as a single entity. The Office of Performance Improvement is shifting toward reporting only at the level of the CHB for several reasons, including:

  • The CHB is the legal governing authority for local public health in Minnesota, and only CHBs are eligible to receive funding from Minnesota’s Local Public Health Act.
  • This change is consistent with the intent of the state statute and aligns with the recommendations of the SCHSAC Blueprint Workgroup, which emphasized strengthening the role of the CHB.
  • The shift coincides with a shift toward CHB reporting by other MDH program areas.
  • Having a standardized reporting entity will make it easier use data gathered from across MDH for system improvements.

Guidance for Reporting as a Multi-County CHB [1]

The Office of Performance Improvement developed this guidance to facilitate standardized reporting by those CHBs accustomed to reporting as a single entity, as well as for those CHBs that will be reporting together for the first time. As shown on the table below, the purpose underlying each question can be used to guide how CHBs should report.

Shortly after the 2013 reporting period, the SCHSAC Performance Improvement Steering Committee will gather feedback from CHBs on the new measures and reporting processes. This feedback will be used to improve measures and reporting. The Committee will also guide the development of products that will present the data and communicate key findings to CHBs, local health departments, and other stakeholders of the public health system. Ultimately, the Committee will use this information to prioritize and recommend system-level QI.

Printer-Friendly Guidance for Multi-County CHBs

Guidance Printer-Friendly Guidance (PDF: 183KB / 3 pages)


  1. To view the full set of measures and more complete reporting guidance, please visit:
    PPMRS Performance Measures: 2013
    PPMRS Performance Measures: 2014
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