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Performance-Related Accountability Measure Reporting

Partially Included in Local Public Health Act Performance Measures

Each year, community health boards focus in particular on one measure, as selected by the Commissioner of Health in consultation with SCHSAC. The community health board works to meet the measure over the course of the year, and is expected to report back to MDH in the following year while the period annual reporting is open.

Although the Performance-Related Accountability measure is the same for 2016 and 2017, it is revisited every year and may change in the future.

Community health boards report on the Performance-Related Accountability Measure in two ways:

  1. Community health boards will have already answered whether they fully, partially, or cannot meet this measure, within the Local Public Health Act performance measures, in the module in REDCap titled Assure an Adequate Local Public Health Infrastructure: Capacity Measures from National Standards
  2. Community health boards will email additional, simple documentation to MDH explaining progress made and the process(es) used

If the Commissioner of Health determines that a community health board has not met these accountability requirements, the Commissioner may notify the community health board in writing and recommend specific actions the community health board must take over the next six months in order to maintain eligibility for the Local Public Health Act Grant (Minn. Stat. ยง 145A.131, subd. 3c).

2017 Performance-Related Accountability Measure

Report This Measure During 2018 Annual Reporting

The 2017 Performance-Related Accountability Measure is the SAME as 2016:

Measure 5.2.4: Monitor and revise, as needed, the strategies in the community health improvement plan (CHIP), in collaboration with broad participation from stakeholders and partners.

Community health boards will work to meet this measure throughout 2017, and report to MDH during annual reporting in early 2018 by:

  1. Responding during 2018 annual reporting that the community health board has fully OR partially met Measure 5.2.4
  2. Submitting simple documentation describing:
    1. progress made in implementing CHIP strategies, and
    2. the process used for CHIP review and revision

Webinar, checklist, templates, spreadsheet: 2016 Performance-Related Accountability Requirements