Event registration and payment

  1. Select an event for which you want to register.
  2. Pick a payment method and enter the registrant's information in the space provided. (All fields marked with * are required).
  3. Click on "Register for Event" button to save your registrant information.
  4. If paying by "cash" or "check" you will receive an email confirmation and further instructions.
  5. If paying by "Credit Card-Single Person" a "Pay by Credit Card" button will appear after you have registered. Click on the button to transfer to US Bank E-Payment Service (note: credit card payments include a non-refundable convenience fee collected by US Bank).
  6. If paying by "Credit Card-Group" keep adding new registrants. When you are ready to pay for the group click on the "Pay by Credit Card for Entire Group" button. You will transfer to the US Bank E-Payment Service to make one credit card payment that covers event and convenience fees for the entire group. (note: credit card payments include a non-refundable convenience fee, for each registrant, collected by US Bank).
  7. After a successful credit card payment to US Bank, the payor will receive an email confirmation. If paying by "Credit Card-Group", each member of the group will receive a separate email confirmation of their registration.
  8. If MDH staff, you may choose the "PO" payment option. If approved, Finance will enter the proper payment code. You will receive an email confirmation and further instructions.
  9. If you have problems with this payment form, please fill out our MDH Feedback Form and direct your feedback to the Webmaster.
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