MDH Rulemaking

MDH Rulemaking

About Rulemaking:
The Minnesota Legislature adopts policy through statute, which delegates its authority to the executive branch to craft the details necessary to fulfill its wishes. State agencies such as MDH carry out “rulemaking” to make the rules, which are law, to administer a legislatively created program and to fill any gaps left, implicitly or explicitly, by the legislature. Rulemaking in Minnesota follows procedures outlined in the Minnesota Administrative Procedure Act (APA), Minnesota Statutes, chapter 14.

Various programs at MDH adopt and amend rules. Its current projects are listed on its “docket.”

MDH Rulemaking Docket

Also, MDH annually produces the Minnesota Rulemaking Manual, a reference book for drafting and adopting state agency administrative rules in Minnesota. MDH also coordinates the annual Minnesota Rulemaking Seminar.

Rulemaking Manual and Seminar

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