Minnesota Rulemaking Manual and Seminar

Minnesota Rulemaking Manual and Seminar

This page provides links to the current Minnesota Rulemaking Manual and materials from the Annual Rulemaking Seminar.

A Manual for the Practitioner

The Minnesota Rulemaking Manual reflects the collective wisdom and experience of the State's rule writing community. It was first issued on June 17, 1996, and has been revised annually ever since. Revisions have been based on suggestions and corrections found during previous years of its use and recent legislative activity.

2018 Minnesota Rulemaking Manual

23nd Annual Minnesota Rulemaking Seminar
Thursday, October 4, 2018

Agenda: 23rd Annual Minnesota Rulemaking Seminar (PDF)

2018 Rulemaking Seminar Presenters

Patricia Winget, Minnesota Department of Health
Taking the Long View: Basic Procedure, Advanced Practices and Using the Minnesota Rulemaking Manual
Rulemaking Progress Chart (PDF)

Jason Kuenle, Revisor’s Office
Keep It Short (PDF)
Keep It Short - Real Statutory and Rule Examples (PDF)

Jacquie Cavanagh (MDH) and Suzanne Todnem (DLI)
The Long Engagement: Bringing Out the Best from Stakeholders (PDF)

Barbara J. Case (Office of Administrative Hearings - Administrative Law Judge)
The Long and the Short of Preparing Complex Rules (PDF)
Letter from MPCA (PDF) - Attachment A
Final Responses to Comments, Health Risk Limits Proposed Rules, MDH (PDF) - Attachment B

Katie Wolf (MDA) and Linda Prail and Tracie Zerwas (MDH)
Let's Make a Rule! (PDF)

Jason Kuenle, Revisor’s Office
Short Forms: A Drafting Topics Roundup (PDF)

Sheree Speer, Revisor’s Office - Assistant Deputy Revisor
Revisor Website Shortcuts (PDF)

We have made every effort to make these documents accessible. If there are any concerns, please contact the Department of Health at Cretia.Weaver@state.mn.us.

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