Minnesota Rulemaking Manual Chapters and Forms

Abbreviation Chapters and Forms
01in-gnrl Chapter 1 - Rulemaking In General (Word file: 27KB/5 pages)
02request Chapter 2 - Request for Comments (Word file: 29KB/7 pages)
03rl-dev Chapter 3 - Rule Development (Word file: 34KB/12 pages)
04snr-dev Chapter 4 - Developing The Statement Of Need And Reasonableness (Word file: 31KB/9 pages)
05ntc-nh Chapter 5 - Giving Notice of Intent to Adopt Rules Without a Public Hearing (Word file: 37KB/15 pages)
06ntc-dl Chapter 6 - Giving Dual Notice (Word file: 45KB/18 pages)
07ntc-hr Chapter 7 - Giving Notice Of Hearing (Word file: 38KB/15 pages)
Chapter 8 - Adopting Rules Without A Hearing (Word file: 28KB/7 pages)
Chapter 9 - Adopting Rules With A Hearing (Word file: 36KB/15 pages)
10adpt-exmpt Chapter 10 - Exempt Rules under 14.386 (Word file: 28KB/8 pages)
11good-cause Chapter 11 - Good Cause Exempt rules Under 14.388 (Word file: 29KB/8 pages)
12adpt-expedited Chapter 12 - Expedited Rules Under 14.389 (Word file: 31KB/10 pages)
13rep-obs Chapter 13 - Repeal of Obsolete Rules under 14.3895 (Word file: 25KB/6 pages)
ms-ch14 Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 14, and other rulemaking laws (Word file: 97KB/49 pages)
mr-ch1400 OAH Rules - Minnesota Rules, Chapter 1400 (Word file: 154KB/35 pages)
hr-cklst Checklist for Adopting Rules After a Hearing (Word file: 33KB/7 pages)
nh-cklst Checklist for Adopting Rules Without a Hearing (Word file: 31KB/7 pages)
accmmdtn Accessibility, Accommodation and Alternative Format Information (Word file: 19KB/2 pages)
adv-comm Advisory Committee Information Sheet (Word file: 24KB/3 pages)
alj-cncl Letter to ALJ Canceling Hearing (Word file: 18KB/1 page)
bd-adpt Form for Board Resolution Adopting Rules (Word file: 18KB/1 page)
bd-ntc Form for Board Resolution Authorizing Proposal of Rules (Word file: 19KB/1 page)
chng-dis Letter to Chief ALJ for Rule Changes to Gain Approval (Word file: 18KB/1 page)
chng-oth Letter to Chief ALJ for Other Rule Changes (Word file: 21KB/1 page)
closure Memo to Staff that Rules Project is Completed (Word file: 18KB/1 page)
cost-inf Information About the Cost of Rulemaking (Word file: 24KB/3 pages)
crt-gnrc Generic Certificate (Word file: 19KB/1 page)
crt-hr25 Certificate of Giving Notice to Hearing Requesters (Word file: 20KB/1 page)
crt-hrwd Certificate of Giving Notice of Withdrawals (Word file: 17KB/1 page)
crt-leg(o) Certificate of Sending Notice to Legislators to Repeal Obsolete Rules (Word file: 18KB/1 page)
crt-leg Certificate of Sending Notice to Legislators (Word file: 20KB/1 page)
crt-list Certificate of Accuracy of the Mailing List (Word file: 20KB/1 page)
crt-lrl Certificate of Mailing SONAR to Legislative Reference Library (Word file: 17KB/1 page)
crt-mlng Certificate of Mailing Notice to Persons on Mailing List (Word file: 18KB/1 page)
crt-sbm Certificate of Mailing Notice of Submission (Word file: 17KB/1 page)
crt-secy Certificate of Giving Notice of Filing with Secretary of State (Word file: 17KB/1 page)
exempt-ltr Letter Requesting Review of Exempt Rules (Word file: 18KB/1 page)
expedited-ltr Letter Requesting Review of Expedited Rules (Word file: 22KB/2 pages)
gov-fnl Governor's Office Final Rule Review Form (Word file: 20KB/1 page)
gov-plcy Governor's Office 9/21/21 Administrative Rule Review Policy (Word file: 32KB/5 pages)
gov-prlm Governor's Office Preliminary Proposal Form (Word file: 24KB/1 page)
gov-prps Governor's Office Proposed Rule and SONAR Form (Word file: 21KB/1 page)
hearingroomsetup Basic Room Setup for Administrative Hearing (Word file: 20KB/1 page)
hr-rqst Letter to Chief ALJ to Schedule a Hearing (Word file: 18KB/1 page)
hr-rspns Hearing Response Letter to the ALJ (Word file: 26KB/5 pages)
leg(o) Letter to Legislators with Notice and Sonar (Word file: 22KB/2 pages)
leg Letter for Sending Notice to Legislators (Word file: 21KB/2 pages)
lrl Letter to Legislative Reference Library with SONAR (Word file: 17KB/1 page)
mmb-ltr Letter Requesting Review by MMB (Word file: 17KB/1 page)
nh-revw No-Hearing Review Cover Letter to OAH (Word file: 25KB/4 pages)
np(o)-rqst Letter Seeking ALJ Approval for Obs. Rules Notice Plan (Word file: 21KB/1 page)
np-rlntc Letter Requesting Approval of Notice Plan for Rule Notice (Word file: 18KB/1 page)
np-rqust Letter Related to Request for Comments Notice Plan (Word file: 18KB/1 page)
ntc-cncl Notice of Cancellation of Hearing (Word file: 17KB/1 page)
ntc-dl Form for Giving Dual Notice (Word file: 23KB/4 pages)
ntc-expedite Form for Giving Notice of Intent to Adopt Expedited Rules (Word file: 21KB/3 pages)
ntc-hr Form for Giving Notice of Hearing (Word file: 22KB/3 pages)
ntc-hr25 Notice of Hearing to Those Who Requested a Hearing (Word file: 18KB/1 page)
ntc-hrwd Notice of Withdrawal of Hearing Requests (Word file: 18KB/1 page)
ntc-nh Form for Notice of Intent to Adopt Rules Without a Hearing (Word file: 21KB/3 pages)
ntc-nh2 Notice of No Hearing (Word file: 18KB/1 page)
ntc-obs Form for Notice of Intent to Repeal Obsolete Rules (Word file: 25KB/3 pages)
ntc-sbm Notice of Submission (Word file: 20KB/1 page)
ntc-secy Notice of Filing Rules with Secretary of State (Word file: 18KB/1 page)
ntc-withdrawl Form for Notice of Withdrawn Rules (Word file: 17KB/1 page)
oah-inf Information About OAH (Word file: 24KB/2 pages)
ord-adpt Form for Order Adopting Rules (Word file: 22KB/2 pages)
record Official Rulemaking Record (Word file: 22KB/5 pages)
request Form for Request for Comments (Word file: 22KB/2 pages)
revisor Information About the Revisor (Word file: 27KB/4 pages)
revw(o)-ltr Letter Requesting Repeal of Obsolete Rules (Word file: 20KB/2 pages)
smplfnds Sample Findings (Word file: 29KB/8 pages)
sonar Form for the Statement of Need and Reasonableness (Word file: 35KB/13 pages)
staff-hr Memo to Staff in Preparation for Hearing (Word file: 22KB/1 page)
st-reg State Register Information (Word file: 370KB/8 pages)
videocnf Videoconference Information (Word file: 22KB/4 pages)


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