Minnesota Rulemaking Manual and Seminar

Minnesota Rulemaking Manual and Seminar

This page provides links to the current Minnesota Rulemaking Manual and materials from the Annual Rulemaking Seminar.

A Manual for the Practitioner

The Minnesota Rulemaking Manual reflects the collective wisdom and experience of the State's rule writing community. It was first issued on June 17, 1996, and has been revised annually ever since. Revisions have been based on suggestions and corrections found during previous years of its use and recent legislative activity.

2016 Minnesota Rulemaking Manual

21st Annual Minnesota Rulemaking Seminar
Thursday, September 29, 2016

Registration is now open.

21st Annual Minnesota Rulemaking Seminar Announcement (PDF)
Includes registration information.

21st Annual Minnesota Rulemaking Seminar Agenda (PDF)

2016 Rulemaking Seminar Presenters

David Schultz, Hamline University
“The End of Deference” (PDF)

Patricia Winget, Minnesota Department of Health
“Directing Your Story: Rulemaking in the Context of APA Basics”
Rulemaking Progress Chart and Time Line (PDF)

Jason Kuenle, Revisor’s Office
“Unintended Choices: Ambiguity and Vagueness in Rule Interpretation” (PDF)
“Choosing Clarity in Drafting” (PDF)

Tammy Pust, Office of Administrative Hearings
“OAH Perspectives in 2016”
Chief ALJ Judge Pust will provide her handout at the seminar.

Jacquie Cavanagh, Minnesota Department of Health
Jean Coleman, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Kerstin Forsythe Hahn, Department of Education

“Looking Deep into the Crystal Ball: Estimating the Cost of Rulemaking and Rule Implementation” (PDF)
Estimated Costs for Rulemaking - Revised in 2016 (PDF)

Kimberly Matier, West Metro Education Program
“The Art & The Science of Rulemaking: Developing a Thinking Frame for Eliminating Bias” (PDF)

James Burroughs, Office of the Governor
“Governor’s Views on Equity”
No handout.

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